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Free Slots - Have A SpinIf you've been a slots fan for any extended period of time, this new phenomenon of online slots may have you a bit taken aback. I myself was surprised by the flood of online slots games that came about in such a short period of time. I'm sure nobody has truly had the chance to take it all in. As the Internet changed in nature at the end of the nineties to become a commercial entity, the content changed along with it. I honestly remember the first time I ever saw a banner ad, what a novelty it was!

Before there was anything that could even be called online slots, there were downloadable versions for your DOS or Windows 3.1 computer which looked like children's sidewalk drawings come to life; pretty unsophisticated by today's standards. The emergence of what we know today as online slots is descendent from a number of technologies converging at just the right time. Electronic fund transfers were all the rage, but TCP/IP, the technology the Internet runs on, was a little lacking on the security side of things. As this was being taken care of by all of the people interested in actually having an Internet you could buy things off of, the slots games popping up were actually starting to look like something worth playing with! Pretty soon the Internet was as secure as it's ever going to be (please, don't keep your credit card number in a text file on your desktop), and professional graphics designers were the ones doing the trim work on our now not-so-shabby online slots. Then, the first online casino opened.

What happens next could only really be described as an explosion. As slots players who had been downloading the slots games they could find to play for free realized that free was no longer married to the Internet, they themselves were free, and showed it. The online gambling industry has since grown immensely to become one of very few leaders in the electronic commerce business. With literally thousands of players taking to the virtual machines every day, online slots is no longer the dinky monochromatic, pc speaker-buzzing fruit machines. It's big business.

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