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Slot Machine Tips

Slot machines, while basic in function, somehow manage to incorporate a range of features, forcing you to know exactly what your doing even before you pull the arm.

The foremost of our slot machine tips is this: read up on the machine to see if you need to play with the maximum number of coins to win the decent sized jackpots. After this you can determine if the machine has the potential payouts you desire, at the cost you want. If the maximum coin incentive is not big however, it may be best to play one coin of a higher denomination than the maximum number of coins at a lower denomination. Casinos generally increase their return percentage with larger denominations of coins.

Sometimes machines run out of money while paying out. If this happens to you, don't walk away from the machine and don't deposit any more money. Just get someone's attention and have him or her bring a casino operator over. If you leave your seat someone else can claim your win.

Casinos often advertise their machines as "returning 98%" or something equally impressive sounding. But if you've read your slot machine tips, you'll know this is an aggregated number, either an average of machine payouts, or payouts on certain machines. To avoid this confusion, try and find carousels (groupings) of slots that have signage directly over them stating the payout rates for those specific machines..

Ensure that your slots card is properly seated in the slot. Sometimes they can shake loose, and you won't be rewarded for your play.

Never pay attention to anyone trying to hock a system, even one labeled slot machine tips, to win. If someone tries this in person, take a step back, give them a good slow head-to-toe look, then ask them to state pie to as many decimal places as possible. When they stutter, jump in and ask rudely how you're supposed to trust them implicitly if they can't even trust a constant number implicitly enough to memorize it. At that point they will have a genuinely confused look on their face, which was your goal, walk away without another word and victory is yours.

Use a comp card. If you lose all your money, you might get a free meal out of it!

There are a number of slot machine tips that revolve around the physical placement of the machines within the casino. These fall along the lines of, whenever a slot machine sits in a spot visible from a large number of areas or from particularly crowded areas, that machine will be loose. The casino wants its patrons to see more wins. While there is some logic in this (as I have mentioned, viewing things from the perspective of the casino often ads some knowledge), it is yet to be proven. Some would say Michael Shackleford disproved it when he did some systematic tests of the machines in Vegas to determine proper payout rates. He found no truth to the oft-repeated slot machine placement theories.

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